April 1

4th quarter books I have read

To help you guys I am going to post here what the requirements are for each book you read. I am also going to post what I read this quarter because that is my goal!

This quarter (as in the third quarter), each post MUST have

  • image of cover with citation
  • emoji that summarizes the book or your feelings while reading
  • a blurb (a sentence or two describing the plot)
  • a recommendation for who would like the book

and, new for this quarter……. you must have EITHER

  • your opinion of the book or something in the book


  • a quote from the book (punctuated correctly) with an explanation of what this quote means to you


  • use one of the words we have learned this year (protagonist, antagonist, conflict, point of view, theme) in your blurb or recommendation


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September 5

First Quarter Books I’ve Read




I really liked this realistic fiction book but I thought it was a little long. It is about three boys who have a great teacher that gets cancer and needs to leave before the year is over. The boys plan her “best day ever.” The book changes perspective between the three boys and it is a little confusing at first because you have to infer a lot about what their lives are like and why Mrs. Bixby was so important to them. I give it 3/5 stars.



This fantasy book seems really real and that is why I liked it! It is about a twelve year old girl who has a very rare disorder where if someone calls her a name, the word appears on her skin. Nice words feel warm and ticklish, but mean words itch her and are uncomfortable. The protagonist is really embarrassed by this and tries to cover her words up. This book might seem like it is about magic, but really it made me think about how well I remember almost all of the words people have called me – the good and the bad. It makes you think about the power we have with each other and the obligation we have to choose our words carefully.





Ok… you don’t know me that well yet but I NEVER read books about kids and dogs because (Spoiler alert of life)



Usually the dog.

Sometimes the kid or someone close to them. I ALWAYS cry and promised myself not to do this anymore. The worst is when a book seems like it isn’t about a kid and a dog and then the author sneaks up on you when you are least expecting it and the dog dies. (Looking at you, Wonder!!!)

Nevertheless, every teacher I follow on Twitter was raving about this book. I saw the cute face on the cover all summer and just couldn’t do it. The week before school began, I gave it a try because I was already in a sad mood. I couldn’t believe my eyes- right there, in the very first sentence, the author tells the reader that Maxi dies! I thought, “Ok, so now I know. I can enjoy the story and won’t be so sad when it happens.” Well, I more than enjoyed the story. It is my new favorite book. I loved it and am thinking it might be even better than Wonder and it has a lot in common with that book – a main character who things are not easy for, precepts, hilarious moments, and a beloved dog. Please read it and comment on this post with your thoughts!

PS I still cried. Really hard.

PS My emoji rating is ❤️😊😳😩😭😊❤️

September 5

First… a little history

I learned to read when I was three. I remember that my dad taught me using these yellow sheets of paper and this black permanent marker that smelled super chemically. I loved it! I remember trying to be like him and “teaching” my dolls to read. I guess I never stopped wanting to spread my love of reading!

My favorite books growing up seemed to be in series. I loved The Boxcar Children, Anne of Green Gables and for some reason, even to this day, any book that has to do with boarding schools, especially in England. I remember LOVING my teachers that read out loud to me- even the smell of their breath and what kinds of shoes they wore because I sat as close as I could.

I love my job because I read the best books in the world- middle grade fiction. It has the perfect amount of excitement and coziness for me. I hope that this blog helps me remember what I read because I am really bad with that!

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