January 10

Third Quarter Books I’ve Read

This quarter, you are expected to have the following for EVERY book you read this quarter.

  • an image of the book that shows the author’s name using the “add media” button.
  • The image should have a caption that shows the website where the image came from.
  • A complete sentence that identifies the genre of the book;
  • An emoji rating (please use no more than 10 emojis).

Keep adding to this post (do not make new posts for each book you read please). If you would like to write more to go with the genre and emojis, go for it!


This amazing book is a realistic fiction book about a girl who is struggling with her identity because she is mixed race and she splits her time between her mom’s house and her dad’s house. It fits with my reading goal because I do not have either of those situations. I loved this book and was really surprised in the last 30 pages of the book because something very unexpected happens! If you read this, please let me know because I would love to talk to someone about how they felt about the events at the end of this book. πŸ˜Ÿβ€πŸ‘€πŸŽΉ


This book is another realistic fiction story about a girl whose family is from Puerto Rico. She lives on a cul-de-sac in between her aunt and cousins and her grandparents. She and her older brother go to a private school that seems a lot like DA. The book is about Merci realizing that things change and having responsibilities has its pros and cons. ⚽️🌴❀



This is my pick to win the Newbery! I loved this book- it was one of those books where you try to solve a mystery along with the main character. It is a realistic fiction book (and a little bit mystery) but there are changes in time that are historic fiction as well. People call this a multi-genre book! It was a little disturbing to read how unfair things were (and still are) for blacks in this country, but it is important to know the truth. There are some disturbing things mentioned, so if you are sensitive to violence you might not want to read this book. I didn’t mind because they were happening in the past, not directly to the main character.




I COULD NOT STAND THIS REALISTIC FICTION BOOK!!!!! Read if you like books with protagonists that you feel terrible for and everything bad imaginable happens to them and their lives are horrible. I forced myself to finish this book and it was torture.




This historic fiction/biography was really enjoyable. It is about the childhood of the woman who ended up marrying Malcom X and is written by her daughter. It was really interesting to read about how hard her life was. Let’s just say her mom was not really into being her mom, a lot like the mom in The War That Saved My Life.Β Nevertheless, she had a wonderful attitude and had a great habit of listing what she was grateful for at the end of every day, which is something I do.



I know this is unpopular, but I really don’t like graphic novels AT ALL. This realistic fiction graphic novel was not for me, but it is full of a bunch of characters that all are very different and I am sure that there are kids reading it that are so happy that there is finally a character like them in a book. I was really confused and felt very old reading this.

πŸ‘‹this emoji is me waving goodbye to it because I never want to read it again


THIS MYSTERY IS TERRIFYING!!!!!!! I had actual nightmares from reading it. It has really short chapters and if you like to feel scared by Halloweenish things, this is the book for you!


January 8

My Reading Life

I learned to read when I was three. I remember that my dad taught me using these yellow sheets of paper and this black permanent marker that smelled super chemically. I loved it! I remember trying to be like him and “teaching” my dolls to read. I guess I never stopped wanting to spread my love of reading!

My favorite books growing up seemed to be in series. I loved The Boxcar Children, Anne of Green Gables and for some reason, even to this day, any book that has to do with boarding schools, especially in England. I remember LOVING my teachers that read out loud to me- even the smell of their breath and what kinds of shoes they wore because I sat as close as I could.

I read a lot of historical fiction. I do almost all of my Reading at night before I go to bed. My goal for this quarter is to read more nonfiction and books about people who are very different from me.


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