January 18


To help you guys I am going to post here what the requirements are for each book you read. I am also going to post what I read this quarter because that is my goal!

This quarter (as you did last quarter), each post MUST have

  • image of cover with citation
  • emoji that summarizes the book or your feelings while reading
  • genre

This quarter, you will also need to include:

  • a blurb (a sentence or two describing the plot), AND
  • a recommendation for who would like the book.



I just finished this book and immediately began trying to figure out how I can find time to read it out loud to you guys. It is AMAZING!!!! It is based on the true story of a boy named Salva, who lived in a country called Sudan in Africa with his family. One day he is daydreaming in class when gunshots ring out and his teacher opens the door and tells the kids to run into the wilderness for their lies. Salva discovers that the rebels who are opposing his country’s government have arrived. This book is true but classified as historic fiction because some conversations have been made up since he didn’t remember them perfectly. The book is only 100 pages and is the first book I have ever read that I finished in one day, so I recommend it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE. You will not think about your life the same again!!!!

Image result for water emojiImage result for broken heart emojiImage result for Africa emoji



This was the first book I read in 2018 and I am so grateful for the Newbery Contenders list we use for our predictions because I NEVER would have heard of it otherwise. It is one of my favorite books for fifth graders I have ever read. I like it more than Maxi’s Secrets!!!!!! It is about a boy named Obe who is in sixth grade and whose family used to have a lot of land but had to sell it off a few generations ago. The land is now being developed into a neighborhood, which makes Obe sad because the construction workers leave a lot of trash behind and keeping his land clean is a big thing for him. He is dealing with some friend drama (which is very realistic) and spends time out by the river because he doesn’t have his friend to hang out with any more when he discovers an animal a bit like a dog – but who eats plastic! Obe knows this animal needs to be protected but there are a lot of risks with that. This is a science fiction book but only because the animal Obe discovers doesn’t really exist. Otherwise, everything is very realistic and could be happening right here in Durham! I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like this book. The chapters are short and I highly recommend it to all fifth and sixth graders!

Image result for river emojiImage result for poop emojiPS Poop is a BIG part of the story but not in a gross way!



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October 25

Second Quarter Books I’ve Read

In the second quarter, you are expected to have the following for EVERY book you read this quarter.

  • an image of the book that shows the author’s name using the “add media” button.
  • The image should have a caption that shows the website where the image came from.
  • A complete sentence that identifies the genre of the book;
  • An emoji rating (please use no more than 10 emojis).

Keep adding to this post (do not make new posts for each book you read please). If you would like to write more to go with the genre and emojis, go for it!



Ok… you don’t know me that well yet but I NEVER read books about kids and dogs because (Spoiler alert of life)



Usually the dog.

Sometimes the kid or someone close to them. I ALWAYS cry and promised myself not to do this anymore. The worst is when a book seems like it isn’t about a kid and a dog and then the author sneaks up on you when you are least expecting it and the dog dies. (Looking at you, Wonder!!!)

Nevertheless, every teacher I follow on Twitter was raving about this book. I saw the cute face on the cover all summer and just couldn’t do it. The week before school began, I gave it a try because I was already in a sad mood. I couldn’t believe my eyes- right there, in the very first sentence, the author tells the reader that Maxi dies! I thought, “Ok, so now I know. I can enjoy the story and won’t be so sad when it happens.” Well, I more than enjoyed the story. It is my new favorite book. I loved it and am thinking it might be even better than Wonder and it has a lot in common with that book – a main character who things are not easy for, precepts, hilarious moments, and a beloved dog. Please read it and comment on this post with your thoughts!

PS I still cried. Really hard.

PS My emoji rating is ❤️😊😳😩😭😊❤️